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Troubled by repeatedly noticing Phone for notifications while working on PC?

Here is a miraculous solution - Indeed!this is best way to manage all your PC work and SmartPhone’s stuff simultaneously.

Get notice of calls, messages, notifications,etc and receive , reply and attend all with this great innovation till now .Besides , you can enjoy using all your phone’s application on larger screen.

Way to enjoy ride of On your PC

There are 2 ways for this :-

a) Through your Phone

  1. Firstly, download “Link to Windows “ app via on your browser.
  2. Then a QR Code will appear on your PC ,this can be viewed by visiting site on PC Browser.
  3. Now , scan QR Code from your smartphone .
  4. Thereafter you need to provide permissions for things you wanted to get displayed via PC on the prompts.

b) Through your PC

Prerequisites for accessing phone’s content through PC

In order to ease your work on PC you need to fulfil certain requirements :-

Updated Version :-

With Windows 10 (May update) and Windows 11 version on your PC and Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later version for your mobile phone.

Same WiFi connection :-

Both PC and Smartphone should be connected via same WiFi connection .

Get ready to advent new way of work management!